2024 # ECPR59 Patient Reported Trust in Provider 

Measure Title:  Patient Reported Trust in Provider
Measure Description: Percentage of Adult Patients Who Completed a Survey Regarding Their Care Visit Who Reported They Would Trust the Doctor/Provider to Care for their Friends/Family
Denominator: Any patient greater than or equal to 18 years of age evaluated by the Eligible Professional PLUS completed a survey regarding their care visit.

 Denominator Criteria (Eligible Cases):


Numerator: Patients who reported they would trust the Doctor/Provider to care for their friends/family. Definitions: Trust the Doctor/ Provider to care for their friends/family is defined as a response of (A) “Yes, strongly agree” or (B) “Yes, mostly” on the following survey prompt:“I would trust the doctor/provider to care for my friends/family.” with response options of (D) “No,” (C) “Yes, somewhat,” (B) “Yes, mostly,” and (A) “Yes, strongly agree”.

 Denominator Exclusions:

Denomiator Exceptions: Documented medical reason for not performing point-of-care ultrasound (e.g., no ultrasound machine available, patient refusal)

National Quality Forum (NQF) number, if applicable


Care setting(s) 

Ambulatory; Ambulatory Care: Clinician Office/Clinic; Ambulatory Care: Hospital; Ambulatory Care: Urgent Care; Emergency Department and Services; Hospital; Hospital Inpatient; Hospital Outpatient; Outpatient Services

Telehealth, if applicable


Number of performance rates required for measures

Traditional vs. inverse measure

Proportional, continuous variable, and/or ratio measure indicator

Risk adjustment, if applicable

Submission pathway 
Traditional MIPS